1950 Plymouth Coupe for sale by owner - Rockdale, TX - craigslist (2024)

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1950 Plymouth Coupe for sale by owner - Rockdale, TX - craigslist (1)

1950 Plymouth Coupe

condition: good

cylinders: 8 cylinders

drive: rwd

fuel: gas

odometer: 32500

paint color: red

title status: missing

transmission: automatic

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I've had this car appx 2 years and got it running very quickly. Some older man in Ohio built this off of a early 80's camaro. He installed the entire front clip with disc brakes, rear axle and leif springs, steering column, 305 or 350 V8 not sure, and turbo 350 automatic transmission, and gas tank. I don't know the miles on the powertrain installed and ran new exhaust. He done some body modifications before he painted it, adding a rear roll pan and tail lights etc. Looks like it wasn't primed with metal primer and when the paint flaked off it got some rust issues in places from the metal being bare. The car had been sitting for years when I got it and I dropped the tank and cleaned it, new fuel pump, battery, tune up stuff but the starter needs to be shimmed really bad or it might need a flywheel. When it catches the car fires up instantly and runs good. Little smoke from sitting up that might pass by or simply do valve guide seals for 15 bucks and a couple hours of labor. It runs and shifts fine but the shifter recently broke where the cable connects to the shifter, that tab cracked, so it will need a new floor shifter or move it to the column. I don't like the steering column they used. I would replace it since there cheap and get one that fits better and gives you more leg room in the car. The interior was redone years ago and it looks nice. The seat was redone, carpet, door panels, stereo, and a Vintage Air Conditioning and Heater was installed. It comes on fine but I never put a belt on it. The clutch on the compressor spends fine so it probably just needs the belt back on and some freon, which makes riding around in the car so much better in Texas summer. The Glass is all really nice and it might have been replaced I'm not sure. The body is extremely straight on both sides, however it did get rusty on the lower parts of the body and some spots around the cab but I beleive everything else is ok. If someone was a body guy person, they could replace the bad spots and paint it and it would be sharp. Before I messed my shoulder up and now fixing to have surgery I wanted to make a cool little shop car to cruise around with my logos on the door advertising my shop, and lower it a bit, but I've decided to not finish it right now. I was going to cut out and patch the rust, water bead blast it and satin clear coat over the metal body, add my logos and have some fun, but I got other stuff I gotta do now. The motor sounds stock, so with a good carbruretor it should get decent fuel mileage since its a smaller car. I drove it up and down the road 3 or 4 times and it stopped good since it has disc brakes and the tranny shifted fine. They put electric fans in it for cooling. If someone was looking for a antique car that is affordable and willing to put some work in, This would be a great little cruiser that all the hard work and expensive stuff is done for you, just needs some little stuff done to be driving again or a cool hot rod project. These coupes are really unique and you don't see them much. It come from Ohio and they don't issue titles on their antique cars, just registration. There is a older registration slip in the glovebox and a car guy recently told me that if you have a older registration slip that the vin is readable on you can use that to get a title but I don't know for sure, otherwise just simply get a bonded title for it and be done, they are very cheap. I really hate to sell it since it just needs the little stuff to get it going again, but I have way too many projects sitting around including a unfinished house so I have to let it go. Someone could have under 10 in it finished and make some good money if they wanted to flip it but it would be a blast to keep it and cruise it with cold air blowing! Any car guy can ad up the work and tell you your getting the car basically free, it would cost you a fortune to do all of this at a shop on a car like this. If interested I'm asking $3,900 or a decent offer, no trades! I don't email or text much, just call me for a faster response at 512-760-566FIVE Located in Rockdale which is 1 hour from Austin, Bryan, Temple or Waco keywords plymouth,chevy,chevrolet,coupe,hotrod,cruiser,project,slammed,airride,antique,dodge,ford,coupe,lowrider

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    1950 Plymouth Coupe for sale by owner - Rockdale, TX - craigslist (2024)


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