John Cornyn Twitter (2024)

1. Twitter: Censoring NY Post's Hunter Biden Story a 'Mistake'

  • Close this search box. John Cornyn | United States Senator for Texas ... Twitter: Censoring NY Post's Hunter Biden Story a 'Mistake' ... Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ...

  • WASHINGTON – Today during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing regarding censorship and suppression on social media during the 2020 election, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) questioned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the role his platform played in suppressing the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Excerpts of the exchange are below, and video can be found here. […]

2. John Cornyn - Facebook

  • John Cornyn. 󱢏. 411K followers. 󱞋. 0 following. Official campaign page for Texans for Senator John Cornyn, Inc. On Twitter:

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. [PDF] Senator's Twitter Handles

  • Senator's Twitter Handles. 115th United States Congress. State. Member. Twitter Handle ... Senator John Cornyn. @JohnCornyn. TX. Senator Ted Cruz. @SenTedCruz. UT.

4. On Fox, Cornyn Discusses Delay of Title 42 Expiration, FBI Twitter ...

  • WASHINGTON – Today on Fox News' Fox & Friends, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the Supreme Court's decision to delay the end of Title 42, which he ...

  • News It’s never been this bad, and it’s entirely predictable. What happens when this public health Title 42 eventually goes away? Because it has proven to be one of the most effective tools that the Border Patrol has to return people to their home country who aren’t claiming asylum. This ongoing relationship with social media […]

5. Sen. John Cornyn becoming one of Trump's most outspoken Twitter ...

6. What Exactly Does John Cornyn Do All Day? Well, for One Thing, He ...

  • 3 mei 2021 · A recent analysis found Texas's senior senator is the most prolific tweeter in Congress.

  • A recent analysis found Texas’s senior senator is the most prolific tweeter in Congress.

7. This Republican senator <3s Twitter | CNN Politics

  • 4 mei 2021 · Interestingly, Cornyn was one of six senators in the top 10 GOP tweeters. Only Chuck Schumer, who sent the 10th most tweets on the Democratic ...

  • The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn is either a) his white hair b) his preference for cowboy boots or c) “Big John.”

8. Knight Institute Says Sen. Cornyn Must Immediately Stop Blocking ...

  • 13 mei 2020 · ... John Cornyn on behalf of a constituent blocked from the Senator's Twitter account, @JohnCornyn. The letter asks that the Senator immediately ...

  • The account constitutes a public forum under the First Amendment

9. John Cornyn's Joe Biden tweet was baseless, revealing

  • 12 apr 2021 · John Cornyn (R-Tex.), copying text from a Politico piece on Biden's low profile. “Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, ...

  • There is no legitimate reason to believe Biden is not making all the kinds of decisions a president usually makes behind closed doors. But the tweet was revealing about GOP efforts.

10. Senators - Congressional X/Twitter Accounts - LibGuides

  • Cornyn, John, TX, R. Cortez Masto, Catherine, NV, D. Cotton, Tom, AR, R. Cramer, Kevin, ND, R. Crapo, Mike, ID, R. Cruz, Ted, TX, R. Daines, Steve, MT, R.

  • LibGuides: Congressional X/Twitter Accounts: Senators

11. Why Does John Cornyn Tweet? - The Texas Observer

  • 8 sep 2020 · On June 3, the senator tweeted the subheadline from a Wall Street Journal op-ed claiming there is no “systemic racial bias” among police. In ...

  • What good is it to provoke discussion if the discussion is about what the hell you meant in the first place? An analysis of John Cornyn's tweets.

12. John Cornyn tweet on Biden draws criticism, White House response

  • 12 apr 2021 · 'Is he really in charge?': Cornyn tweet about Biden draws scorn, White House response ... U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, drew attention Monday ...

  • Critics leapt at the tweet, which garnered hundreds of retweets, likes and replies by Monday afternoon and a response from the White House.

13. [PDF] Twitter Handles for Members of the 117th Congress

  • TN. R. Cornyn, John. JohnCornyn TX. R. Cruz, Ted. SenTedCruz

14. [PDF] 117th Congress – Senate Twitter Accounts AK Lisa Murkowski ...

  • 117th Congress – Senate Twitter Accounts. AK Lisa ... AR John Boozman. @JohnBoozman. AR Tom Cotton. @SenTomCotton. AZ ... TX John Cornyn. @JohnCornyn. TX Ted Cruz.

15. Deleted tweets for Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas - ProPublica

  • JohnCornyn (R-Texas) · @JohnCornyn ... Deleted after 120 weeks at 7:33 AM on 11 Nov 22. Original tweet by @realKimWalker.

16. John Cornyn tweet about Brown v. Board of Education goes viral - WFAA

  • 25 jun 2022 · Sen. John Cornyn responded to a tweet by former president Barack Obama that denounced the Roe v. Wade decision. Cornyn's tweet said "Now do ...

  • Brown v. Board of Education was a landmark SCOTUS decision in 1954 which partially overruled its 1896 decision on Plessy v. Ferguson.

17. John Cornyn, Patton Oswalt trade Twitter barbs - El Paso Times

  • John Cornyn spar on Twitter. Times staff report. Patton Oswalt isn't running for office in Texas, but that didn't stop U.S. Sen. John Cornyn's campaign team ...

  • Patton Oswalt showed support for Democrat MJ Hegar, who is running against John Cornyn for Senate in Texas. The Republican's team wasn't having it.

18. [PDF] Copy of US senators twitter handle.xlsx - AACAP

  • Wyoming ... Cornyn. John Texas ... Hickenlooper John

John Cornyn Twitter (2024)


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