The Second battle of the 12 Chess Wizards (2024)

This Battle took place in the year 468 A.D. and it is known as "The second battle of the 12 chess wizards."

Who am I?

I was very young when I was told: "You are a wizard, your real name is Katalysta!". I may look small and fragile but I am a true wizard warrior! I am known to be an agressive and fearless wizard... (Well, not really fearless but it sounds good ūüėÖ).Believe me or not, I am also very kind because I don't always punish my opponent for their mistakes/blunders. The Second battle of the 12 Chess Wizards (1)

But enough about me, let's meet my rivals...


  • @TwoBishopsWatElse (1817) aka Chessarion - He is the best wizard I have played in this second battle! 1l 1d
  • @acebero (1372) aka Arkeon - Such a surprisingly talented player!!!! 1w 1l
  • @Vaquero1860 (1603) aka Vesper - Excellent wizard! 2w
  • @Hermac410 (1492) aka Hermes - He lost on time against me but... Still a great wizard!! 2w
  • @pb-2-au (1793) aka Phoenix - He is a very advanced wizard, congrats!!!1w 1d
  • @flumix1902 (1266) aka Lukario - Amazing wizard for his level!! He blundered only in the endgame... Keep improving, Lukario!! 1w
  • @Rbfigao (1095) aka Ricardonix - He played well even though he lost, but he is surely improving. 2w
  • @BeauregardJangles (1613) aka Timo Tempo - He's an wonderful wizard and I think he would have got some chances to advance but he lost on time a lot 2w
  • @Gamerock13 (1076) aka Evokai - He is still improving! good luck!! 2w
  • @coolol1 (1274) aka Lysander - Great wizard for his level, but too slow! He lost on time the majority of the matches 2w
  • @ImGeometric (1485) aka Zephyrine - A very charitable wizard. He resigned all his games. He wanted to help us all, so kind of him! Thanks Zeph! 2w

*If you didn't know, the numbers in parentheses indicate the level of the wizard's magic, but this can sometimes be misleading.


The majority of the games were quite easy to win (because I am quite advanced into wizarding chess) so I will skip many of them. I will show only the 7* most fascinating matches. The final battle match is the best so stay till the end!

*7 is the magical number.

The games

The tournament began with great fanfare, as the wizards showcased their magical abilities on the chessboard. Each move was accompanied by flashes of light and bursts of fire, keeping the spectators in awe of their skill.

Katalysta vs Lukario

92,9% and 83% wizarding precision

I really wanted to use the "Matus Illaboratus" spell here but Lukario surrendered before I had the chance!

Vesper vs Katalysta

85,1% and 92,2% wizarding precision

Such a majestic game, don't you think? Move 19 (Nd4) and 24 (Qb2) are so... lets's say, magical.

Katalysta vs Phoenix - Game 1

83% and 84,3% wizarding precision

This was a difficult match that ended in a draw... Phoenix had the advantage but he gave it away in just a moment of neglect (move 49)!!!

"Always pay attention, because after just a mistake your opponent can use the disarming charm and then you may lose (the advantage or even the whole game)!" - Katalysta

Phoenix vs Katalysta - Game 2

83,9% and89,2%wizarding precision

At move 19, Phoenix used a weak spell so he gave me the opportunity to use a greater one. From that moment I took the advantage and in the end he surrendered. GG!

"Use your spells wisely!" - Katalysta

Arkeon vs Katalysta

90,8% and 80,1% wizarding precision

SOOO, here I played with a lot of weak spells (yellow and orange flash lights - aka inacuracy and mistakes). He finished me with the well known spell: "MATUS ILLABORATUS!"

I helped Arkeon make 2 brilliants in this game!!! If I haven't done those mistakes he wouldn't have the chance to make those brilliants. Arkeon, It was my pleasure to help you archieve such an honour! The Second battle of the 12 Chess Wizards (2)

Chessarion vs Katalysta - Game 1

92,2% and 84,3% wizarding precision

I must admit that Chessarion is much better than me. But I helped him do a brilliant too! I resigned because naaah I got no chances. He's too powerful for me. GG!

Katalysta vs Chessarion - Game 2

85,9% and 85,9% wizarding precision

The greatest fight from this battle is this one. This game decided if I advance in the next battle or not (I needed at least a draw to win!!). I made some minor mistakes and slowly my position looked worse and worse. I had only one hope left, that he will do a mistake and eventually make a draw or even win. So I started using my best wizarding ability - Legilimency - to put wrong ideas in his mind.

"Legilimency was the act of magically navigating through the many layers of a person's mind and correctly interpreting one's findings. A person who practised this art was known as a Legilimens." Legilimency * (Normal people may know this as the "Please, do a mistake!" mental strategy.) - And it worked! He blundered and then we did a draw!

And I advanced into the next round! Hooray! I felt ecstatic!!!

Thanks for staying till the end ! Comment your impression about this blog. See ya!

Peace be with you!

The Second battle of the 12 Chess Wizards (2024)


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